We envision a world where every building gaurantees your safety and privacy. 
To achieve that vision, we have created AI-generated SAVVY using the Universal Design. 
Our name, UNIUNI, emerged from our belief in the interconnected world: that you and I (UNI) are connected, and that your well-being makes my well-being.


AI-generated SAVVY identifies atypical behaviors in places where CCTV installation would invade your privacy (i.e. restroom, locker room, spa, wellness center, silver care center). Upon detection of abnormal behaviors, SAVVY will alert the designated points of contact and will empower a prompt intervention you need. 


We provide differentiated
AI solutions to make everyone
safe and comfortable.

We use AI solutions to help ease the burden of facility management. 

We recruit best talents with the passion for AI solutions and UNIUNI's vision, creating career opportunities. 

We set examples for others through our treatments of business meetings and negotiations. 
UNIUNI Corp. has been playing a leading role in the field of privacy technology,
starting with the world's first safe smart toilet solution SAVVY.
We have know-how and technology differentiated from many latecomers.

    01    Jointly exhibited unmanned solutions at CES 2023. 
    03   Selected for Startup Growth Technology Development Project (TIPS) R&D
    05   Selected as the best company in the initial startup package program
    11    Awarded by the Korean Ministry of Safety and Interior, for its contribution to public safety

05   Selected for the initial startup package program
07   Received seed investment (CNT Tech)
08   Received Korea Innovation Award
09   Registered 4 patents
12    Established corporate research center
        Acquisition of technology grade T4
        Signed NDA with a large company for paid PoC contract
        Selected for the Innovation Scout Program(Korean Public Procurement Service)

01   Signed a contract with Seogwipo City Forestry Association
05   Selected for 5 programs including R&D support project
08   Signed Start-up MOU
10  Commercialization of safe smart toilet service SAVVY
11   Selected in the elderly care field of the "Challenge Korean Idea Contest"
        Received the Excellence Award for "Jeju Women-Friendly City Policy Idea Contest"
12    Registered 1 patent

08   Established UNIUNI corporation
09   Applied patent for "Abnormal Behavior Detection System"
12   14 achievements including support projects by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups


We believe that our vision is impossible to achieve without collaborations with best VCs, start-ups, and talents.
Knock on our doors. We're open.